About Us

Hi, I'm George Orosz, owner of the Indoor Lint Trap Filter.  Throughout the years, I've come across a number of situations where an electric clothes dryer simply could not be vented to the outside of a person's home. For most people, that meant they'd either have to do an expensive remodel, or totally forgo having a washer and dryer of their own. Thankfully, that's no longer the case. The unique features of our patented “Lint Trap Filter” gives anyone the freedom to put a washer and dryer almost anywhere in their home. What makes our lint trap filter so unique is not only its ability to efficiently capture lint, but to filter the air from the dryer as well. It does this by using a patented fine screen and water drawer system which prevents fine particles of lint from recirculating back into the dryer causing damage or fires. The screen also has the added benefit of recycling the heat from your dryer which will not only lessen your impact on the environment, but save you money on your next heating bill as well. In addition, we've even made cleaning the screen an easy task to do. By simply rotating the knob on the front of the unit once, you can scrape all of the lint off of the back of the filter without having to take it apart. Also, unlike other lint trap filters, we've built ours out of solid materials which should ensure that your filter will be around as long as your dryer is. The Indoor Lint Trap Filter is 12 inches tall, by 8 inches wide, by 5 inches deepthe small size of the unit means that you'll be able to place it in even the most cramped areas of your home. Installing the Lint Trap Filter couldn't be easier – requiring only a few simple steps.

First, place the unit on the floor or mount it on a wall above the dryer using basic wood screws. Once you have the filter in place, attach the hose from the back of the dryer (or our optional 8' hose) to the top of the filter. Then, fill the drawer up with 1 inch of water and you're done!

As you can see, the unique features of the Indoor Lint Trap Filter make it the perfect solution for anyone wanting freedom in where they can have a dryer. With it's compact size, ability to recirculate heat and it's easy set-up, the Lint Trap Filter is by far the most efficient and effective product on the market today.

In addition, even if you can vent outdoors you may want to use our lint trap filter during the winter months. It will help keep your house warmer and cozier when old man winter blows down from the North Pole. After we invented the indoor lint trap filter we invented the Heat Saver Tee! This is a handy gadget for those who can vent outdoors, but would like to be able to switch from venting outdoors to indoors by the flick of a switch. No need to disconnect the indoor lint trap filter. We are so sure you will love these two new products; we will give you a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied within thirty days of purchase.

Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions at (888) 977-1770. Or you may email us at info@indoorlinttrapfilter.com.

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